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Sprouting Tree Yoga LLC is a mobile yoga company serving kids, teens, educators, and caregivers. We are dedicated to helping children live healthy, compassionate, joyful lives. We explore yoga concepts through developmentally appropriate movement, mindfulness, and relaxation. At Sprouting Tree Yoga it is our goal to provide a safe space for children and teens to be their authentic selves. Each class provides a structured yet flexible environment for creativity, connection, and fun to take root!

Sprouting Tree Yoga

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Founder & Instructor

Katie offers a fun, gentle, inclusive approach to yoga, valuing each child’s one-of-a-kind gifts, perspectives, and needs.


With over 10 years of experience working in the field of education and school counseling, she holds a deep understanding of the unique developmental, social, and emotional needs of children and adolescents. Katie received a Masters degree in School Counseling from Assumption College in 2013. After many years of engaging in her own practice of yoga and experiencing the profound benefits it had on her well-being, she was inspired to share yoga with young people and those who care for them. She completed a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher training through Breathe For Change, followed by a 95-Hour Children’s Yoga Training through Youth Alliance. Katie is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.



connection & Joy

Katie is committed to helping young people along their path of self-discovery and believes yoga is a powerful practice that enables people of all ages to connect to themselves and others and find joy. She is also passionate about helping parents, caregivers, and educators develop their own personal yoga & and mindfulness practices. Katie is deeply honored and grateful to both lead and learn from each one of her yoga students! 


Why Sprouting Tree Yoga for Kids?

When you sign your child up for classes with Sprouting Tree Yoga, you are not only signing them up for fun but also helping them to develop many important life skills.  Take a look at some of these research-backed benefits of yoga for kids!


The phsyical postures (asana) practiced in yoga naturally build strength and flexibility in an accesbile way. 


SELF-ESTEEm & Confidence

Through engaging in yoga & mindfulness, chidlren feel more empowered to make healthy choices in their everyday lives.



Children learn practical tools and strategies to calm their nervous systems and manage everyday big emotions.



Yoga & mindfulness helps children to strenthen their ability to focus and attend to tasks.


At the heart of many yogic concepts and principles lies the teaching of compassion for self and others. 


Yoga teaches children effective relaxation strategies to calm the body and experience rest.

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